#206  Black Walnut accent/sofa table with natural bark, a custom designed metal base.  Height 32 1/2", Width 10", Length 55 1/2".   

#412  Hickory Accent Table/Hall Table or Sofa Table all Hickory with Hickory rib.  41" Long, 12" Wide, 31" High

#186  Sofa Table

#377 Very Unique Accent Table with it's own special signature , with custom designed metal base

#182  Sofa Table

#413  Elm Accent Table with custom designed metal base, for any accent area.  32" Long, 9" - 15" Wide, 31" Tall

#256  Black Walnut sofa Table, with custom designed metal base.  Length 7', Width 11" - 16", Height 32"

#414  Wild Cherry with custom designed base, beautiful for accent table/ hall table or entry table.  51" Long, 18" Wide, 31" Tall

#444  Live Edge Magnolia Table with custom made, inserted shelf, metal base.  Length 50", Width 9", Height 31"

#205  Black Walnut, Live edge sofa/accent/ bar table with custom designed metal base and foot rest.  Length 64" , Width 16", Height 41" 

#415  Magnolia, Hall Table/ Sofa Table /Accent Table with Magnolia wood rib.  75" Long, 9" Wide, 31" Tall 

#246  White Oak Accent Table with custom metal base.  55" Long, 20" - 32" Width, 32" Tall  

#ET707  Live Edge Entertainment Center With Swivel Stools Bases made of Industrial Pipe

#235  All Live Edge Cedar wood sofa/accent table Height 34". Width 20", Length 73"  

#257  Black Walnut Sofa Table with custom designed metal base with off set bar.  Height 32", Width 11" - 16", Length 95".  

#ST663  Live Edge Ambrosia Maple Accent Table, with Industrial Metal base.  16" X 50"

#183  Sofa Table

#292  Sofa Table/Hall Table with a custom designed base

#240  Black Walnut Sofa Table, with custom designed metal base.  Length 68", Width 14" - 15" Height 35"  

#445  Pecan Table with custom designed metal base.  Length 50", Width 11/15", Height 31"

#208  Ambrosia Maple sofa/accent table, with hidden compartment, custom designed metal base.  Length 70" , Width 18", Height 32 1/2".  

#245  Sofa/ Accent Table made of sycamore, 69" Length, 11" Width,  32" Height

#140  All Black Walnut Sofa/Accent Table with Black Walnut rib and legs.  Length 78", Width 14", Height 33".  

#136  Unique live edge sofa/hall table, made of Black Walnut top and Poplar bark for accent on the front and end edges.  Custom designed base of metal. 

#114  Very Unique Accents Tables, made of Natural Edge Maple, Custom designed bases. Height 33 1/2", Width 12", Length 21 1/2". Set of Two 

#110  Beautiful Live Edge Sofa Table Made of Sycamore with Sycamore legs and base.  Height is 39 1/2", Width 21 1/2", Length 60 1/2"

#109  Beautiful double shelf sofa, hallway, or accent table made of reclaimed storm damaged trees of maple, with bark still attached.  This table has a beautiful designed metal base.  Height 32", Length 61", Width 18"

#97  Black Walnut Live Edge with Some Bark,  Industrial Machine Base with Ball roller.  Length 61", Width 18" - 20", Height 35".  

#96  Natural Live Edge Cedar Sofa/Accent Table with a Custom Metal Made Base.  Length 70", Width 11" - 14" , Height 32".  

#81  Live Edge Accent Table/ Coffee Table, Made of Sycamore wood, from reclaimed wood from the storms. Length 29", Height 18 1/2", Width 21" - 23 1/2"   


#79  Live Edge Natural Maple top and brace with Pecan legs.  Has a beautiful finish with warm tones and a lot of character.  Can be used as an accent table or sofa table  Length 68", Width 12 1/2" - 14 1/2" Height 33 1/2"  $850.00 

#75  Natural Live Edge Sofa/Accent Table made for a Man Cave, Den, Sofa or any Accent Table.  Made of reclaimed Hemlock storm damaged wood, with custom designed base. Height 32 1/2", Length 59" and Width 15" 

#74  Natural Edge Maple Sofa Table, can be used as an Accent or Bar in a Man Cave Height 34". Length 73", Width 11" - 15"  

#66   Natural Edge Maple Table with Pecan Legs and Rib.  Height 33 1/2" Width 13 - 14 1/2" Length 82"  

#65  Beautiful large table made of a Pecan top and Ambrosia Legs and Rib.  Large feet and added wedge for accent. Height is 38", Width 16" - 19". Length 80" 

#22Black Walnut Sofa Table Marine Varnish Black Metal Base. The base is placed where you can but bar stools for sitting area.

#19 Sweet Gum Sofa Table 77in. L X6in.W X34in. T.

#17 Beautiful accent table or Sofa table. It was made from a Sassafras from the river bottom of the Tennessee River.

31 3/4in. T X 66 1/2in. L X 16in.W

#15 Unique Shape Wild Cherry Accent Table

with rib. 33 1/2in. T X 76in.L X 12-20in. W.

#14 Black Walnut Sofa Table made from a walnut tree limb that had been struck by lighting . It has a very thin satin marine varnish. the base has protective caps on the bottoms. 33in. T X 74in. L X 8-14 1/2in. W

#8 This is a beautiful piece of Box Elder, with a small touch or red on the top, it was recovered from the Guntersville Damn river bottom. It is light in color and very unique.

35in. T X 12-20in. W X 87in. T

#10 This Sofa table is made from  a black walnut tree recovered from local area that had been stuck by lighting. It has a 1in. sq. tubing metal base . Finish is a light Marine Varnish. 32in. T X 17-22in. W X  78in.L.

Page 1

#ST705  Live Edge Sofa Table, with custom designed Metal Base

#191  Sofa Table

#296 Sofa/Hall Table with custom designed metal base

#192  Sofa Table

#410  Wild Cherry Accent Table Sofa Table with all wood.  Back side has bark on the rib.  14" Wide, 32" Tall, 6' Long

#414 Wild Cherry top view of table above, has beautiful character

#378  All Natural Burl Edge wood with custom designed metal legs

#255  Maple Sofa Table with custom designed metal base.  Height 32", Width 13" - 19", Length 64"

#238  Sofa/Accent Table made of Elm with custom designed metal base, with off set brace for storage space.  Length 6', Height 31", Width 19" - 21"  

#185  Sofa table

#367  All Live Edge wood Hall/Accent Table

#184  Sofa Table

#379 All Natural Cedar Accent Table with custom designed metal base

#194  Sofa Table

#293  Sofa Table with unique design in wood with custom designed base

#446  Magnolia Accent Table with shelf, has bark on the edges , custom designed metal base.  Length 42", Width 10/13", Height 32"

#190  Sofa Table

#247  Sofa Table Made of Red Oak with custom designed base.  Length 76", 21" - 25" Width, 32" Height  

#254  Pecan Accent Table with custom designed metal base.  Height 29 1/2", Length 36", Width 15" - 22".

#294  Sofa/ Accent Table with twig designed metal base


421 City Park Drive S.W.

Arab, Al 35016

Jerry Williamson - 256-759-2962



#404  Sweet Gum wood table for Foyer/Living Room/ Hall/ any accent place, with twig crossbars and Sweet Gum legs, 72" Long, 11" Wide, 29 1/2" Tall

#380  All Natural Live Edge Sofa/Accent Table with custom designed metal base

#450  Mineral Maple Accent/Hall table with live edge and custom designed metal tapered base.  Length 58", Width 15/19", Height 31"

# ST 537  Black Walnut Sofa Table, with natural edges, custom designed metal base.

#193  Sofa table

#AT708  Live Edge Accent Table with antique sewing base