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#DK666 Live Edge Desk with drawer, made of Black Walnut single slab, with Industrial custom designed metal base, Length 80", Width 27"

#259  Black Walnut Desk with custom made base of metal and comes with a pencil drawer.

#DK649  Live Edge all wood desk with drawer

#D 544 Live Edge Office Desk, with shelf, all live edge

#421  Black Walnut double desk unit with drawers and Stools, Industrial Pipe Hardware.  Custom

#D602  Live Edge Desk, with antique wheel to enhance base.

#D576 Live Edge Desk, and matching bench with Custom Metal Base, fire hose wheels for accent

#DK733 Live Edge Desk, with Custom designed Industrial Metal Base, with Accent Shelf


#D 549  Live Edge Desk with drawer and raised shelf.  Custom designed metal base

#503  Jack and Jill live edge desk , made of maple.  Height 30", Width 39", Length 69", With a custom designed metal base and desk drawers on each side.

#410  Oak, Live Edge Office Desk, with custom designed base.  76" Long 24" Wide, 31" Tall

#667  Live Edge Forked Desk with custom design base with old tool accents

#411  Custom Designed book shelves, Made of Pecan Wood,

AT666  Gray Washed Accent Table, with custom designed metal base

#D 547 Live Edge Custom Designed Desk, and custom metal base.

#DK677 Custom Designed Office Space Dividers

#S622  Two Live Edge Shelves with custom designed metal brackets

#242  Maple Desk with pencil drawer, and custom designed metal base.  Length 83", Width 27" - 29", Height 31"  $1200.00

#436  Custom Designed Hickory Live Edge shelves, with Industrial Iron Pipe base.  Length 7', Width 15", and Height 33"

#DK679  Custom Live Edge Desk with Industrial Designed Base

#DK690  Live Edge Jack and Jill desk with industrial cast iron base, New York New York


#DK675  Live Edge Desk Console, with file cabinets and pull out drawers.  Industrial designed Metal bases

#DK650  Live Edge Custom Desk with drawer and wood tapered legs

#DK651 Clients desk with custom made live edge top

#436 Hickory Live Edge shelves end view

#DK640  Maple live edge desk one slab of wood.

#DK653  Live Edge Black Walnut Desk, with Industrial Metal Base.

#DK672  Live Edge Custom Designed Office Desk

#127  Beautiful Live Edge Desk with a lot of natural curves, made of Maple wood, and a special designed metal base to fit the shape of the wood.  This desk also has a pencil drawer for storage.  Length 70", Width 24" - 34", Height 31".  $1250.00

#120  Live Edge Desk made of Poplar Wood has a drawer and a pop up outlet  Length 78". Width 29", Height 31 1/2"  $750.00

D511 Black Washed Desk/Drawer

#158  Desk with drawer and custom designed base.

#DK676  Custom Designed Live Edge Office work space with industrial designed bases

#59  Natural Live Edge desk, made of Cottonwood, with legs and beautifully shaped rib.  Also available is a pencil drawer. Height is 30 1/2", Length 71", Width 22" - 25 1/2".  

Client's Office Space all hand made with Industrial design bases

#454  Black Walnut Desk, with custom design base.  Length 60", Width 22/26", Height 30"

#251  Elm Desk, with custom made pipe legs, and a lap drawer.  Height 30", Width 20" - 32", Length 68"

Pop Up on Conference Table #424

#DK630 Live Edge Desk with riser, custom designed metal base

#D 545  Live Edge, one slab of wood, desk with drawer and custom designed metal base


#150 Desk

#DK6788  Live Edge Custom Designed Office Desk with Custom Industrial Base

#D603  Live Edge Desk, with custom made base

#437  Live Edge Pecan Desk with Custom Designed Metal Base, with back foot rest.  Length 60", Width 25", Height 30"

#S619  Three tiered live edge shelf with back legs only

#60 Natural Edge Ambrosia Maple Desk, with pencil drawer available.  Length 72", Width 31", and Height 30 ". Made from reclaimed wood from recent storms. This desk is all Ambrosia Maple top, legs and natural shaped rib. 

Desk/Computer                                                                 Pg. 1

#495 Sassafras Shelf with live front edge and a dark finish with a towel rack.  Width 9", Length 3', bar down 6". 

#S585  Live Edge Shelf, with custom designed metal pipe base, designed for hanging.

#DK731  Custom, Live Edge Desk with custom designed industrial metal base designed to fit the live edge top


# D 538  Live Edge Natural, Pecan with custom designed metal base, Could also be used as a dinning or conference table.

#CR717 Live

Edge Black 

Walnut Coat

Rack, with


Glass Door Knobs

#DK628  Live Edge 8' Maple Desk with natural wood front, and legs

#287  Table/Desk with custom designed base

#DK694  Live Edge Desk with custom designed metal base to fit style of the desk

#462  Custom Live Edge Desk

#D 535  Live Edge Maple forked desk with drawer.  Custom designed metal base.

#DK652  Black Walnut Live Edge Desk, with drawer and Industrial Designed Metal Base

# D536  Live Edge Maple Desk, with custom designed metal base.

#D575  Live Edge Desk, One single slab, with cast iron base

#DK704  Live Edge Extended Desk

#D 546  Live Edge Desk with drawer, with custom design metal base.

#DK673  Custom Design Live Edge Desk, with industrial designed metal base, and drawers

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#DK647 Desk console, with file cabinet, and book shelf.  Industrial designed metal base.

#DK734  Custom Designed Office Space with drawers and filing cabinets, Custom Designed Industrial Metal Bases

#150 Desk

#DK674  Custom Designed Office Work area with Industrial designed metal base

#S667  Black Wash red oak shelves, Height 46", Length 55", With 12"

#424  Live Edge, Conference Table, Made of Oak, Maple and Walnut with two pop ups.  Custom designed base metal base with Poplar Bark Inlay

See pop up picture to the right 

#DK679  Front View

#D591  Live Edge Desk one slab with drawer and Old factory machine iron legs

#D574  Live Edge Desk with pencil drawer and File Drawer

#S593  Live Edge shelf with two shelves custom designed metal base, no front legs

#S584  Live Edge three shelves, with custom designed metal pipe base

#D 530  Live Edge Custom Designed Desk/w Drawer, Metal Base

#D601  Live Edge Desk with double drawer, and custom designed metal base

#OP648  Office dividers, custom designed from old barn wood

#388 Large, very impressive Black Walnut top.  Custom Designed base to fit shape of wood

#DK668  Water fall desk with drawers and cabinets.

#D 548  Live Edge Desk and matching console, with custom designed metal base , and fire hose reel.

#496  Live edge shelves custom made.

#466  Black Walnut Desk with Drawer and raised shelf, Custom Designed Metal Base.  Length 61", Width 26", Height 30" - 36"

#DK671  Live Edge Jack and Jill Desk, with industrial designed metal base